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We have a wide-range of industry and domain experts on-hand to teach hands-on workshops to help build your business.
Graeme Sheard
Senior Partner, KPMG
Ruth Hatherley
CEO, MoneyCatcha
Mike Edmonds
Chairman, Meerkats
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Laure Law-lin

Pollination Bee Project
2019 Cohort
I was nervous at the beginning but Launchpad really showed me what actually being an entrepreneur is like, it doesn't have to be startups and the next big thing. Its about being passionate about change.

Launchpad forced me to not only develop my idea but also myself.

Chris Dickson

Co-Founder, Hello Initiative
2019 Cohort
This unit taught me to think in a lot more depth than I have ever done before. Hello Initiative was never built to make money but over time I realised to sustainably offer the service, we needed to implement some sort of revenue. I've learnt so much, particularly around business metrics, models and strategies to optimise my social impact.

Charlene Lan

Health and Wellbeing Project
2019 Cohort
I have always been interested in starting my own thing, but didn't know how. Launchpad gave me support and space to follow my passions for health.

Launchpad was so valuable and was not just learning but about putting everything into practice!

Meisha Bull

Founder, Perth Clothing Swap
2019 Cohort
Without the support I received, I would never have gotten the motivation to start.

I would 110% recommend this program to other students. Be they interested in businesses or just want to learn more about start-ups, I think this unit is the right mixture of theory and practical components.

What have other students asked?

Do I need a startup or an idea to participate?

Nope! Here at Bloom, we only ask that you have a problem you are passionate in solving. Having a rough idea on a possible solution is great, but not a prerequisite. We'll work on better understanding the problem first, then through multiple workshops we'll guide you through developing a solution. Launchpad is about you learning how to develop and refine an idea that is targeted at a problem you want to solve.

How do I get academic credit?

The launchpad program is accredited by which ever university you are currently studying at. The process for each university is different but we usually take care of it. We'll won't keep you in the dark and will notify you if we need more information from you. Some universities have different requirements so some participants speak to degree coordinators before applying.

How is my mark graded / what assessments do I have to do?

The unit is pass or fail, which means lucky for you, it’s not going to affect your GPA. To pass, you have to complete a series of weekly reflections tracking your progress, validate your idea/problem and pitch it at the end of the program to the Bloom community.

What kinds of things will I be learning / doing?

Launchpad is run for students and is designed in a way that allows those in a program to collaborate and work with others in a constructive manner. This is not a university group project, everyone in the program is rooting for everyone to succeed. Its about you learning and developing your own idea in a supportive environment.

You'll learn about how to start and create change. To do that we'll help you better understand a problem, develop a viable business idea and how to pitch that idea to anyone and everyone. You will also learn skills to develop as a founder, from resilience to the confidence to pitch.

Where is Launchpad run?

Launchpad is run out of the Bloom Lab, based at St Catherine's College which is just across the road from UWA. We run the Launchpad classes here, though sometimes we will be venturing off-campus to other innovation spaces, but for the most part class will be at Bloom.

Which universities can participate?

If you are at any of the Western Australian universities you can apply.

Once your application has been approved by Bloom, your university will be in touch with your regarding enrolment. It is recommended that you have capacity for an elective or practicum unit in your degree.

NOTE: different universities have different accreditation process and credit allocations.

What if I know nothing about entrepreneurship or startups? 

That's totally fine, we don't expect you to be an expert.

Launchpad isn't about testing you on your startup knowledge, its about getting participants to go on the journey of developing an idea to a problem you are a passionate about solving. Having knowledge about startups and entrepreneurship is great but definitely not a prerequisite, we'll teach and support you through everything you need to know.

Can non-student's participate?

Yes, of course. Instead of claiming the cost of Launchpad as a university unit through HECS or the university itself, Bloom will invoice you for a nominated fee (outlined in the application form). You will receive all the same support just not the university accreditation.

What if I change my idea halfway through the program?

The main focus of Launchpad is to help you to test your bright ideas, so don’t worry - you will have lots of opportunities to figure out if you like your idea or not in the first few weeks!

Does Bloom or my university take equity in my idea?

Nope! All Intellectual Property developed in the program stays your own.
We want you to be as motivated as you can be to take this seriously and create something you are proud of.

Does this unit fulfil broadening requirements for university?

Yes. Most of the time.

How much of a time commitment is this program?

Similar hours to what's recommended for your other academic units, 12 hours per week. 3 of those hours are a compulsory weekly time slot - where the Launchpad cohort participates in an intimate presentation, given by a startup expert on a different aspect of business building, before we get stuck into hands-on group work! The rest of the time you'll have access to the Bloom Lab, where you can work alongside other young founders for ongoing support and guidance while building out your idea.

How do I enrol in the program as a unit?

Bloom Startup Launchpad is selective. There are three steps to applying and enrolling into the program:

1. Submit registration form
If you are
interested in joining the Bloom Startup Launchpad program you should register your interest on this page, below. This will ensure that you receive further info and prompts about the program.

2. Submit written application
An application link will automatically be sent to the nominated email from the registration form. Fill out and submit that application, book your interview and meet us in person.

3. Start doing research and getting stuck into entrepreneurship
After your interview, you will be notified of next steps and we'll take care of enrolment. We will stay in touch during the whole process to answer your questions and notify you if we need more information.

What if I'm not good enough?

Please don't think that you're not good enough to apply or only do what your others think you need to do. We really believe in empowering more people to go on this journey and building the confidence in them to lead things they are passionate about. We'd love to help you grow individually and be there for every win to celebrate but all the bumps to help get you back on your feet.

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Bloom exists to support young West Australians who have a deep desire to make an impact through entrepreneurial pursuits. We want you!

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